Human Rights

Human Rights The provision of human rights in the Cypriot Constitution is included in Part 2, which is the ‘Fundamental Rights and Liberties’. Its definition ‘Human Rights’ and the protection of these rights was provided by the London Agreement and under the Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, where it was agreed to ensure everyone’s safety and rights within the jurisdiction of Cyprus, human rights and associated freedoms are comparable to those stated in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights signed on 4th of November at Rome in 1950.

Judicial System In Cyprus

Court Procedure And Judicial System In Cyprus Cyprus has two types of Courts, the Supreme Court and the Subordinate Court. The Cypriot Supreme Court During the year of 1964, the Administration of Justice Law, compound the Supreme Constitutional Court and the High Court set up under Constitution into one court named and known as the ‘Supreme Court’.

The present Cyprus Law

The present Cyprus Law The origin of the modern Cypriot law has its roots from a wide mixture from different legal systems, which has operated for many years in many civilizations including those of the countries of Greece, Germany, France and Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

History of the Cypriot Law

History of the Cypriot Law By the time of 1960, the Cypriot legal system was closely related to the English legal system of the United Kingdom. Judges and lawyers engaged in the practice of law were therefore provided with an abundance of legal material.

Law Services in Cyprus

Law Services in Cyprus This article lists some services of great importance that Legal Practices tend to provide and aims to explain legal services that Cypriot Law Firms are available offering to businesses as well as individuals that may require a legal advice.