This article lists some services of great importance that Legal Practices tend to provide and aims to explain legal services that Cypriot Law Firms are available offering to businesses as well as individuals that may require a legal advice.

1) Intellectual Industrial Property Law
Intellectual Property, is a worldwide term used to describe the protection of exclusive rights concerning to mind creations, artistic designs, symbols, trade marks, industrial design rights and trade secrets. Major Cypriot Law Firms have a specialized department with lawyers and trade mark agents that deals with design registration, licensing of technology and copyrights. Furthermore, legal advices and practice can be also be given on trademark, patent and copyright protections and passing-off actions, franchising and licensing and registration and protection of individual as well as company’s intellectual properties.  

2) Litigation
Major Cypriot Law Firms and smaller Law Offices are able to handle and hold most if not all the types of litigation. Some Law firms include services available on criminal cases before first instance Courts; while others can offer services that might have to deal with assault and sexual abuse and body harm offences. Civil litigation involving issues such as breach of contract, breach of statutory duty, fraud, torts, trusts to Public Law matters, protection of human rights, including recourses before the European Court of Human Rights and many others, are some of the services that Cypriot Law Firms are available to offer concerning Litigation.

3) Admiralty and Shipping Law
Some Law firms in Cyprus are able to provide legal advices to owners, managers, charterers and shipping companies and freight forwarders to help them deal with their legal and commercial issues within the country or abroad. Some of the services concerning this category might include advices and assistance on salvage claims, claims on damaged or lost cargos, collisions, transshipment and towage agreements, pollution, advices on security, financing and enforcement of mortgage, personal injury claims, company law and tax matters, issues relating to the employment of crew and officers. Many other services are also available depending on the Law Firm. 

4) Banking and Finance Law
Advices and legal practices can also be given on loans and security documentations, corporate, contraction and project financing, security law compliance, international trade finance, negotiable instruments and banking related issues.

5) Real Estate, Wills and Probate
Cypriot Law Firms are able to provide owners or companies with vital advices on purchase and rent agreements, sale and re-selling agreements, acquisition of property by foreigners consultancy on real estate’s financial management, construction claims, probates and wills and development project’s legal advice and consultancy.

6) Corporate and Commercial Law
Cypriot Law Firms that deals with corporate and commercial laws, usually have clients that are public companies on the Cypriot Stock Exchange. Those Law Firms can also provide legal advices regarding to company information, international business, partnership formation and dissolution, shareholders agreements and many other services depending from the services available by the Firm.

7) Family Laws
A Cypriot Law firm that deals with family law issues usually is able to take cases such as divorce, adoptions, child support and maintenance, ancillary relief issues and provide legal advice in any family related issues.

8) European Union Law
These departments are aiming to provide advice to the private as well as the public sector on all aspects about the European Law.

These are some of the Law services that can be found by most Law Firms situate in Cyprus, where some more directly specialized Firms may also include legal services and advice on other legal related issues that are not included in this particular list.