The origin of the modern Cypriot law has its roots from a wide mixture from different legal systems, which has operated for many years in many civilizations including those of the countries of Greece, Germany, France and Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.   All of those have influence the development of the Cypriot and Administrative Laws, principal for its present position as an international business center.

Usually lawyers that are situate and work in Cyprus, are graduates from a wide variety of foreign universities including those of Greece, United Kingdom,  France’s , Germany’s, Australia’s, America’s and many others as there was not a law faculty within the Cyprus University.

Most of the Cypriot Lawyers that they wish to have the perform legal duties rights in the Cypriot Courts, have usually complete an other year of study in order to complete their ‘Barrister’ gained from the Uk’s universities.

In Cyprus a variety of lawyer types can be found in major as well as in smaller Lawyer firms. Lawyers and services for Criminal Law, Business Consulting, International and European Laws, Shipping and many others can be found in most if not all major and some of the smaller law firms.  Further more, other legal advices and services can be also found the areas of Intellectual Property (IP) and Copy Rights, Banking and Financing Law, Competition Law, Family Laws and many other common facilities that Law firms are available offering.

Some of the Law Firms in Cyprus are also available to offer services on a European or an international scale, and proved have some of the best consultancy when it comes to shipping and business franchises.