Court Procedure And Judicial System In Cyprus

Cyprus has two types of Courts, the Supreme Court and the Subordinate Court.

The Cypriot Supreme Court

During the year of 1964, the Administration of Justice Law, compound the Supreme Constitutional Court and the High Court set up under Constitution into one court named and known as the ‘Supreme Court’. The Cypriot Supreme Court consists of thirteen members.

The Supreme Court has the right to exercise both original and appellate civil and criminal jurisdictions and it is vested with the authority as the Supreme Constitutional Court, an Admiralty Court, an Appellate Court, an Administrative Court and a court with the exclusive jurisdiction to issue prerogative writs.

The Cypriot Supreme Court in its appellate authorities, it is not bound by any determination on a question of fact made by the trial court, it has the authority to review and question all the evidence draw its own inferences, hear or receive further evidence and provide any judgment or construct any order which circumstances of the case may justify including an order for re-trial.

The Subordinate Courts

In general, the Subordinate Courts are inferior courts. In Cyprus, there are six types of subordinate courts.

1.The District Court
District courts in Cyprus exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction. There are five District courts in Cyprus and in their civil jurisdiction have the right to take any action whose cause arose within the district where the court is located or in which the defendant action resides. District Courts can also entertain any claim that has not been specifically assigned to the jurisdiction of the Labour Courts, Family Courts, Rent Control Courts or the Supreme Court.

Criminal jurisdiction within the District Courts can adjudicate on any criminal offence committed within their districts which has not specifically assigned to the jurisdiction of the Assize Courts.

2.The Assize Courts
The Assize Courts are vested with unlimited power to try all criminal offences and to require punishment provided by the law. In Cyprus, there are three types of Assize Courts, one within the district of Nicosia, one for the districts of Limassol and Paphos and the third one for Larnaca and Famagusta districts.

3.The Family Courts
Each Cypriot region has its own Family Court which has the authority for all family related issues such as divorces, property provisions, custody disputes and many other matters that are directly referring to family issues.

4.The Labour Courts  
In Cyprus, there is only one Labour Court located in Nicosia, where has the jurisdiction in claims that concerns disputes between employees and employers.

5.The Rent Control Courts
Three Rent Control Courts exist in Cyprus, one for the region of Nicosia, one for Limassol and Paphos regions and one for the regions of Larnaca and Famagusta. These Courts are dealing with claims concerning evictions, rent adjustments and any other matter which can arise in relation to rented premises.

6.The Military Court
The Cypriot Military Court was established by the Military Criminal Code of 1964. The Military Court has the right to exercise Criminal Jurisdiction only over the members of the National Guard in accordance to the Military Criminal Code and Procedure.